I graduated from Tsinghua University in 2017, majoring in Computer Science and Technology and double majoring in Digital Media Art. I am now completing a Master degree in Entertainment Technology in Carnegie Mellon University.  I love games and I have a strong passion to combine art and tech together especially in VR and AR. My research interests range from Software Engineering, Game Design to Data Mining.

I participated in various research opportunities in different laboratories in Tsinghua, Stanford and CMU where I learned cutting-edge technologies and gained strong practice in big data analysis and full-stack web service design and implementation.

​Now I am focusing on game development, AR and VR application prototyping at Entertainment Technology Center in Carnegie Mellon University.

2016.5 - 2017.7

Tsinghua University

Knowledge Engineering Group

Reviewer Recommend System

2016.6 - 2016.9

Carnegie Mellon University

Auto Lab, Computer Science Department

Fast Deployment for Autolab Project using Docker


2015.6 - 2015.9

Stanford University

Ling Lab, Medical Center

Biological Network behind Kawasaki Disease


2017.9 - 2019.5(expected)

Carnegie Mellon University

Entertainment Technology

Master of Entertainment Technology

2013.8 - 2017.7

Tsinghua University

Computer Science and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

2014.8 - 2017.7

Tsinghua University

Digital Media Art

Bachelor of Digital Media Art

2018.1 - 2018.5

Carnegie Mellon University



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